NEWS & EVENTS | Climate Change and Sustainability At MAT Foundry Group

Climate Change and Sustainability At MAT Foundry Group

July 23, 2021 – Poole, UK: MAT is seeing our customers place greater emphasis with their suppliers concerning their carbon footprint while ramping up plans to reduce their own carbon footprint and targets to reach carbon neutrality.

MAT Foundry Group strives to reduce our environmental impact on the world and our facilities have been accredited to ISO 140001 (a family of environmental management standards for corporations) for many years and consequently committed to making improvements each year. We are now working in partnership with the LG Energy Group to enable us to collate, report and reduce our CO2 emissions and set stretch targets to reach carbon neutrality. This will not only benefit the planet but also meet our customer’s demands as well as other stakeholders.

As part of our drive our UK Foundry and HQ are leading the way having made some significant improvements during 2021:

  • Signed 100% Renewable Power contract.
  • Ordered a fleet of electric forklift trucks which will reduce our use of diesel by 60,000 liters and CO2 emissions by 279 tonnes of CO2e per year.
  • Order a sand reclamation plant that will stop approx. 8,000 tonnes of waste sand entering landfill. Instead it will be re-used to manufacture cores while reducing virgin sand mining.

These are just a few examples of MFG’s commitment and drive to reduce its global environmental footprint.