NEWS & EVENTS | MAT India CSR Association Invests $1.9M in Infrastructure Improvements Across Indian Communities

MAT India CSR Association Invests $1.9M in Infrastructure Improvements Across Indian Communities

May 5, 2019 - Sonipat, India - MAT India CSR Association (MICA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAT Holdings, Inc. and leads corporate social responsibility initiatives across the communities of our Indian operating locations.

"We believe we have a responsibility as an organization to help the local communities in which we make our products,” said Jessica Wang Olsson, Director of Treasury and Risk Management and corporate supporter of the MICA initiative. “We want to help change the trajectory of the lives of the families in our neighborhoods and support them to achieve more."

Since 2016, MICA has committed to improving the quality of education for nearly 10,000 public school students in Sonipat. By partnering with over 16 local schools, MICA invested about $1.9M in its community by ensuring schools have basic infrastructure, such as clean water filtration, operational toilets, proper water drainage, secured access, and functioning classrooms. One of MICA’s first school partners saw a 10% rise in enrollment following the installation of biodegradable toilets that offered more reliable wastewater management.

Although MICA's initial focus was education, during the COVID-19 pandemic it assisted public health clinics by providing necessary equipment, vaccine refrigeration and shelter for the outdoor queue lineup for patients seeking care. MICA has continued to strengthen its commitment to public health with the construction of a new building for the local hospital for its vaccine storage and administration, which is due to be completed by the end of the year.

With a track record of following through on its commitments, MICA has become a trusted partner in the community and looks forward to new opportunities to serve its neighbors.